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Choquequirao trek peru (6)

ULTIMATE Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022 – Complete Hiking Guide


Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022

The archaeological center of Choquequirao (cradle of gold) is located on the right bank of the Apurimac river in the region of Cusco and there are several places still covered with much vegetation and until today is only restored no more than 30% and 70% is in the dense vegetation covered in the coming years.

Hopefully it will be to enjoy all these places in all its splendor and is known as the sister of Machu Picchu by the local people and to reach both places is necessary to make an arduous hike for it you need a good physical condition and here we will show you a complete guide on how to get there on your own and if it is worth it or not.

Useful Information Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022

  • Top elevation: 10,000 ft. / 3 050 m.
  • Trailhead elevation: 9459 ft. / 2,900 m.
  • Distance: 39 mi. / 64 km.
  • Difficulty: high (Grade 6).
  • Permits: S/. 65 / $ 16
  • Horse rentals: Payment insoles (cash), 45 per muleteer a day and 40 per mule a day.
  • Ampay bus from Cusco to Ramal: 30 soles. Taxi
  • Taxi from Ramal to Cachora: 30 – 50 soles taxi
  • Taxi from Ramal to Capuliyuc: 60 – 70 soles taxi

Things to Know about Choquequirao

  • Hostels are available on the 1st and 2nd day of Choquequirao Trek Peru.
  • There is wifi in the camps of Chikiska and Marampata. It costs 10 soles per hour.
  • It is not necessary to rent in advance the campsites in Cachora if you plan to stay there.
  • There are stores to buy water, watermelon, and food during the 4-day trek.
  • Electricity is available For the 4 days
  • Hot showers are available and the price is 10 soles.

Choquequirao Inca ruins

Before starting to build, first, they made a model, incredibly everything was organized, and from different parts of South America came engineers, architects, and workers to build, basically, there are historical references was the ancient Inca capital for a long time until they built Machu Picchu and people went to live until the arrival of the Incas.

Choquequirao Trek Peru
Choquequirao Trek Peru

Where Is Choquequirao in Peru?

Choquequirao is located on the right bank of the Apurimac River in the high parts of the Vilcabamba mountain range at 3000 meters above sea level, in the province of La Convention, about 97 kilometers west of Cusco.

Choquequirao Trek Peru
Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022

How To Get To Choquequirao?

There are buses from the city of Cusco and you have to inform the driver to get off at the Raman of Cachora.

From that point, you can take cabs to the point of the hike called Capuliyoq.

The only way to get to Choquequirao until today is by a walk of 3, 4, 5 and there were some plans to make the cable car but until today there is no more news and that is negative for the people of Marampata because with the cable car they would lose their jobs as muleteers, cooks.

Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022
Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022

Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022 Permits

Formerly the permits were bought in the town of Marampata 2 days from the start of the hike and recently changed, you can buy in Capuliyoq is 65 soles per person foreign and national to 35 soles that last 1 day and you can spend the whole day enjoying this enigmatic city that until today only 30% day and still covered with vegetation of 70%.

Best time to visit Choquequirao

The best months for hiking Choquequirao start from about May to November because these months promise better weather conditions, same as clearer views of the way and all the panorama. Also, within this time of the year, the rainfall precipitation is low; therefore, the trail is much safer to walk and avoid mudslides or rockslides in one of the deepest canyons of the world.

Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022
Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022

Choquequirao 5 day or Choquequirao 4 day hike

There is the option of Choquequirao Trek 4 days and Choquequirao Trek 5 days and this is the difference

5 days trek, definitely this is the best option for you because you visit slowly this trail, and Enjoy the 3 days all day because Choquequirao is 8 times bigger than Machu Picchu.

4 days trek, this option is faster and you would have to see your physical condition and so decide for this option that sincerely is not the best option.

Choquequirao Peru

Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022 to Machu Picchu

There is a trail that connects to the Lost Inka City of Machu Picchu, start from the archaeological center of Choquequirao passing valleys and immense canyons, is a minimum of 9 days but you can do it in 6, 7, 8 days of course cutting some sections, if you like to give a different flavor to Peru this is your option.

Choquequirao Trek altitude

The highest point of this 5 is located in the same place as this Inca site at 3050 m/ 10000 ft, it is considered one of the most difficult hikes in Cusco so you have to come well prepared before doing this hike.

Trek Peru Choquequirao 2022

Weather in Choquequirao 

The Choquequirao trail is one of the most difficult hikes in the Cusco region, and also with the weather especially in the rainy season with rainfall during the day and also at night is not recommended, the best season for hiking is in the season from April to September with very hot days and the option is to leave very early and thus reach the campsites earlier and without being bothered by the weather.

Choquequirao Lodges And Camping Sites

There are 2 options for camping:

  • #01 There are fixed campsites and pay about 10 soles per tent and there is also the option to have hot shower and wifi.
  • #02 Nowadays there is the option of renting lodges in Capuliyoq, Chiquisqa and Marampata, through facebook you can contact and reserve a space for you since the physical fatigue is very strong and the idea is to rest well and during the day to walk.

Choquequirao Llama Tour

The llamas of Choquequirao are one of the most outstanding and mysterious Inca sites that this Inca site has.

In 2004 they made some excavations in the sector of the lower part of Choquequirao and spectacularly found some llamas in the terraces where historically is known that was built in hand with the Chachapoyas culture as Choquequirao and Kuelap has the same similarity, and this related these llamas with agriculture as it has a relationship llamas and terraces go hand in hand but so far we do not have the latest hypothesis.

Choquequirao Cable Car

The Choquequirao cable car is a project that in 2011 very possible to build but so far there is no news, if it finally gets underway there will be negative and positive impacts with an investment of 260 million dollars as an investment.

Nowadays this trail is not very crowded yet, it still keeps its essence and charm, and for sure with time it will be very busy so you have to come here before it becomes very popular.

When Was Choquequirao Trek Peru 2022 Discovered?

Many years since they abandoned Choquequirao, there was no news about this place, neither the Spaniards knew about it and naturally grew vegetation in the squares and buildings, it became a lost and enigmatic citadel only local people knew of its existence. In 1909, Professor Hiram Bingham of Yale University visited the site, with the help of a church from the city of Abancay.

They knew about this place and reported the archaeological lootings and ceramic fragments, and there, they advertised for magazines and newspapers to the outside world.

There, the Choquequirao site became notorious, at least to the archaeological community. Significant excavations continued later in 1970, and 2004, and even today, there is much more to be discovered at Choquequirao, and we hope in the future to complete the excavations and learn more about this magical and wondrous place that awaits you.

Choquequirao Trek with Children

Taking the children on one of the most difficult hikes in Cusco is probably a bad idea because here the problem is the weather with high temperatures of heat, and the option is to leave very early to avoid problems

Basically, the children have to have preparation before or are accustomed to walking or finally the best option is to take a horse and it will facilitate totally to your children and the idea is not to suffer but to enjoy and more if you make a family trip, and before making this trail is important to acclimatize.

Trekking Choquequirao solo

The Inca trail is the only trail that can be done with an agency and the rest of the other trails you can do on your own, Choquequirao trek, the trail is well marked and it is very difficult to get lost, but to have a better experience is to book with a travel agency.

Do I need to hire a mule and where do I get it?

The idea of this trail is to enjoy and not suffer and the recommendation is to rent horses for your equipment, the best place is Cachora and the price is between 50 and 55 soles per day and if you want horses to ride is between 70 and 75 soles in cases of emergency because if you suffer from knees or had some operations would be a good option

And the work of the muleteer is between 50 and 55 soles per day and also is that you use sticks to walk as it supports 30 to 40% of the weight you have.

Where do I sleep and what Camping facilities?

There are no free campsites, in each camp, there is wifi and a hot shower and the cost is 10 soles for each service and there are 2 options one you can pitch your tent or the other option is to rent a lodge with very comfortable beds if you have good camping equipment I suggest you pitch your tent, but if you don’t have it I suggest you rent the lodge.

Are there stores on the way?

During the Choquequirao Trek 4 Days, there are stores where you can buy essential things like drinks, batteries, water, and restaurants where local people can cook for you, in general nowadays you have more facilities than before and that is positive for the local people as it helps you economically.

Can I find guides in Cachora?

if you do this trek, the best option is to hire an agency from Cusco or online to avoid problems, the last option is to hire a muleteer, or cooks at the beginning of the trek but it will not guarantee anything to have an experience.

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