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10 Salkantay Trekking training tips


10 Salkantay Trekking training tips

The Salkantay trek is recognized by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful treks in the world and it has become increasingly popular to go and see Peru’s natural landscapes in a way that involves more adventure.

Salkantay Trekking Trips

Recommended season to hike the Salkantay Treks

The rainy season in Peru is from November to April (wild and green) and the dry season is between June and October (cold and clear). It is possible to do this trek any month of the year but you have to be prepared for rain.

How does the bodywork at altitude?

The Salkantay trek reaches 4,630 meters above sea level at its highest point, which is located at the foot of the Salkantay mountain. It starts in Soraypampa at 3,950 meters above sea level and ends in Aguascalientes at 2,050 meters above sea level to climb Machu Picchu.

Better than having muscles for this hike is to adapt to the change. The body works in a different way at altitude, the atmospheric pressure decreases the higher you are and the air is less dense, so oxygen does not reach the brain as easily as it does on a beach at sea level. If you want to conquer these mountains, it’s good to get plenty of exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle

1. Take weighted hikes before traveling to Peru.

A very good tip to train and get your legs and body strong enough is to do a few weighted hikes. Hike up a mountain with a backpack, start light and work your way up.

Because this hike has become very popular and our travel company already has the capacity to make this hike a memorable experience with horses and porters to make your trip more enjoyable, we also carry cooking implements, tents and other luxury options for your enjoyment.
And let’s not forget the good food.

Another form of training is to climb the stairs at home and lead a healthy life (I don’t think I need to remind you).

2. Take long walks within your city

Get used to doing long walks, since the kilometers covered per day in Salkantay will make you spend at least seven or eight hours of walking, on the second day you will do 9 hours of walking.

Do a day hike in the mountains, for more than 7 hours in the mountains, in Switzerland and Germany there are beautiful landscapes that you can visit, if you are German, you will love this hike.

Overnight in the mountain, with more experience you can conquer the Salkantay mountain.

3. Hike at a moderate pace

Do not rush to walk fast, it is not a race, go at your own pace and everything will be fine.

4. Sleep at altitude

The first camp of the Salkantay trek is at 4,000 meters above sea level.

5. Do breathing exercises

Breathing is very important, personally I have always thought that practicing trekking and mountaineering becomes a constant meditation at every moment.

When you walk, try to find a rhythm between your breathing and your steps, this will help you get less tired and coordinate your movements well

6. Carry only the right weight

We can hire additional horses and porters, we have traveled with influencers, photographers, videographers and many professionals with different demands and all of them were satisfied with the personalized tours that Sullpayky Experiences offers.

7. Eat light

Always eat light and healthy; on the route you won’t have to worry about your diet, our specialized chefs will prepare your most suitable and always delicious food, good wine and good drinks.

Before the hike take care of your diet and try not to drink alcoholic beverages before the hike; avoid junk food and fats; we want to take care of you.

8. Train cardio

If you have a gym near you do not hesitate to join and do cardio; it is the best way to have an enviable physical endurance.

9. Sleep well

Get your 8 hours of sleep, good rest is the key to enjoy the walk.

10. Hydration

Drinking plenty of fluids is essential for your physical endurance; the Salkantay trek has a distance of around 80 kilometers, so get ready for one of the best adventures of your life! It is something we can all do, no matter if you do it for the love of nature or because you are a professional athlete or sportsman, with good training you will achieve it.

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