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How to Book a trip

To make your reservation successfully, you must take into account several considerations, Sullpayky experiences will help you throughout the booking process, if you book with us, your trip is fully insured, follow our instructions below

Traveling to Peru is a great adventure, you should live it every chance you get, there are so many places, options and destinations for every preference, but you must take into account our recommendations to travel to Peru to have the perfect vacation.

To avoid altitude sickness you can follow the following tips:

When you arrive in Cusco (or the high altitude area you are going to) the best thing to do is to acclimatize, do not get agitated, or make physical efforts at least for the first few days.

It is best to walk slowly and stop to rest when necessary. It is also recommended to sleep well, eat lightly and avoid alcoholic beverages.

To prevent altitude sickness or «soroche», as it is called in Peru, it is recommended to drink coca tea and/or chew coca leaves.

Coca tea is quite tasty and is what the locals recommend if you tell them that you take pills for altitude.

Coca leaves are not literally chewed, they just stick them to the inside of the cheek and let them take effect when mixed with saliva.

If you are going to Cusco or any city that is above 2000 masl, it is recommended that you take these precautions to avoid suffering the symptoms of altitude sickness.

What to wear on a trip to Peru?

In addition to your usual clothes, you should keep in mind that, regardless of the season in which you travel you will need:

Hiking boots: they should be non-slip and waterproof, especially if you plan to hike any of the mountains of Machu Picchu or walk down from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes, the trails are made of stone, they will be wet and slippery.

Waterproof poncho: the climate of Machu Picchu means that rains can come very unexpectedly, both in the rainy season and in the dry season.

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, pills for soroche

A backpack with your camera, some snacks, water. Try not to carry unnecessary things, because you will be carrying them all day long!

Travel insurance

To make a trip with peace of mind, it is best to have good travel insurance. An unforeseen event can happen at any time, but nothing worse than it happening during your most awaited trip of the year.

There are destinations where travel insurance is not mandatory, but from our point of view, you should always travel with travel insurance. You never know when you will need it and it is advisable to have it before the trip.

So now you know, for your trip, click on this link and hire your insurance, you will see that it is much cheaper than you imagine.

How to have internet during your trip to Peru

Having internet during your trip to Peru will help you to stay connected with family and friends, access WhatsApp and upload photos to social networks. Also to have access to GPS, and anything you want to look upon the internet.

When I traveled in South America, this is the option I should have used. Since buying a SIM card in each country and having to recharge it was not very cost-effective for me.

The good thing about carrying portable wifi is that with one little device you can give high-speed internet to all your devices.

That is, you can have the internet on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, your traveling companion’s cell phone, etc.

The price varies depending on the destination and the duration of the rental, but it is usually affordable, especially if you share the cost with your travel companions.

In this link, you can have a look at the prices for the dates of your trip.

Food in Peru

Peruvian food is very fashionable. You will find prestigious restaurants very expensive. But the good thing is that you can eat well almost anywhere.

Peruvian food is very tasty.

Thanks to its diverse climate and different regions, you can enjoy very good fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

The culinary history of Peru goes back to the Incas and pre-Incas with their corn (which you will see many varieties), potatoes and spices and also the influence of the Spanish cuisine and later with the different migrations of Chinese, Europeans, Africans and Japanese.

Getting out of the daily work routine and the pressures of the city is important for your health. An unforgettable experience awaits you on the Inca Trail but for everything to be the way you plan it you must reserve your entrance ticket to the Inca Trail, now.

Since 2001 the only way to book a ticket to enter the Inca Trail is through an authorized tourism agency or tour operator, they are responsible for the logistics of the trip, that is, to move the utensils, tents, water, food, as well as the kitchen staff and porters. It is important to consider that from the maximum number of tickets available per day, three hundred are reserved for logistics staff and two hundred are available to the general public.

The reservation of tickets is made by tourism agencies or tour operators through the website of the Ministry of Culture of Peru (INC), presenting the traveler’s documents, such as the National Identity Document (DNI) or passport in case of foreign citizens.

What are the restrictions for the Inca Trail?

The maximum number of tourists allowed in each group varies according to the cost of the tour, in the cheapest tours groups of up to 16 tourists can be formed, while the most expensive tours can form groups of eight travelers.

There is not an age limit to make the Inca Trail but it is considered that twelve years is a prudent age to undertake this unforgettable experience.

Remember that during the first days of walking you will ascend until you reach 4,200 m.a.s.l. so you must acclimatize the previous days in the city of Cusco to avoid altitude sickness.

Maintenance work on the Inca Trail is carried out in the month of February, due to this the trail is closed during this month.

If you do not find an entry ticket available with our agency, it is very unlikely that you will do it in other agencies, since the availability of tickets is set by the «Ministerio de Cultura» and this applies to all tourism agencies and operators nationally and internationally.

The displacement of tourists and support personnel through the Inca Trail from 18:00 to 5:00 hours is prohibited, in order to guarantee the conservation of the Inca Trail network and the physical security of tourists.

According to the «Ministerio de Cultura» regulations, modifications to the reservations already made are not allowed and in case of not showing up on the indicated date, 100% of the amount paid will be lost.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Consider carefully what type of footwear you are going to use during the trip, avoid wearing new or under-used shoes that are too hard, as they will most likely cause injuries and cuts in your feet causing a lot of discomforts while walking.


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