The gastronomy of the Inca Trail is very varied, because of the diversity that Peru has, this is because the Inca state harvested all kinds of products on the coast, highlands, and jungle, and basically almost all of South America, products such as potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, oca, ulluco and combined with the vegetables they had and the meat they had a perfect balance for their daily life.

Inca Trail Elevation Gain
Inca Trail Elevation Gain

In the Inca Trail, you will have very varied gastronomy from breakfasts (scrambled eggs, pancakes, butter, jam, coffee, milk, filtered tea, oatmeal and much more). At lunch, you will have (rice, meat, chicken, trout, french fries, hot and cold salads, typical soups, and fresh vegetables and at dinner, you will have (spaghetti, pasta, pizzas, vegetable soup, souffle, and desserts basically you will have a unique experience).

Our porters of the Inca trail

The Inca Trail is one of the most dreamed trails for everyone, and the more special it is to watch the famous Chasquis (Inca Trail runners) running up the slopes and down the hills with sandals and with a weight of 28 kilos on their backs something very incredible and there are cases that hikers want to abandon this trail but looking at the porters is a motivation to continue to Machu Picchu.

The special thing about the porters are people who come from the heights of Cusco and generally are farmers in order to help their families economically they have to work as porters and are the essence of the Inca Trail without them it is impossible to make this pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.

and the Sullpayky experiences family helps them to grow economically by giving them salaries much higher than the other agencies.

Female porters

On the Inca Trail, it is not uncommon to see women porters. Not long ago the companies decided to hire them to support their families, carrying a weight of 15 kg, this means that women are not left behind and without them, it is impossible to make the Inca Trail today, as they carry kitchen utensils and some vegetables.

Food Inca Trail
Food Inca Trail

Who are the Inca trail porters?

This unforgettable experience without them is impossible to do the Inca Trail, these people come from the Andes of Cusco and had the opportunity to have new income because agriculture is not enough for them and the incredible thing is that they are not tall or corpulent people but for sure they are the people who work more on the Inca Trail.

How did they begin to work as Inca trail porters?

The work of the porters of the Inca Trail was something essential to be able to perform and complete this trail, The Inca Trail was officially announced in 1970 as one of the original sea routes to Machu Picchu, and the few companies that recruited porters to help them to the first tourists who made the trek.

Food Inca Trail
Food Inca Trail

The porters were the forgotten heroes until 2001 when the governmental organization approved the lawn 27607 for them to receive a reasonable salary and not to carry more than 20 kilos since in ancient times people carried more than 40 kilos, in general nowadays the porters have more privileges than before.

Tipping Inca trail porters

The tip will be something very important to be able to help their children since they are Andean generally have between 4 to 5 children and the salary they have been lower than those of the cooks and guides.

Although the tipping or appreciation has become well known around the world, normally there is a ceremony between the porters and the trekkers, the leader of the porters speaks, and then the leader of the group or even the guide, since the porters are the fundamental part of this trek.

Food Inca Trail
Food Inca Trail

Inca trail porter weight limit

In January 2001, the government regulation related to the law of porters fixed 25 kilos including own clothes, this is to warn the travel agencies to be more careful and give a better treatment to the porters and long before the porters were forced to carry much more than today and have the organization of porters and with its law of porters basically are more comfortable and help their families.

Pick the responsible travel company

there are more than 300 formal agencies and more than 700 informal ones, if the agency is informal you run the risk of having a bad experience on the Inca Trail and the formal ones basically have some ethics with the porters.

nowadays you can search the internet for testimonials from Inca Trail hikers or look for recommendations from friends, the cheaper the tour the worse your experience will be as the porters will charge much more than normal.

SULLPAYKY EXPERIENCES is one of the companies that pays double what the other agencies normally pay and the reason is that when you grow we all have to grow we are a family more than a company.


Our Inca Trails Tents

Our tents are for 4 seasons and for 4 people but we use it only for 2 people so you will have no problem with the space you have to store your suitcases and backpacks and the outside for your shoes and walking poles.

Our Inca Trail Dining Tents

The dining tent we used as our room to have meals and it gives us a chance to sit down, relax and chat before and after our meals. Since it is round in shape, it keeps the warm inside so on a cold day, you will be warmed.

Our Inca Trail Matts

We provide comfortable inflatable mats Thermarest brand to rest after the walks because the floor is cold and in some cases stones.

Our Sleeping Bag for the Inca Trail

We provide you with mountain-resistant sleeping bags that can be used at -15° C / 5° F made of down so that you do not get cold and do not have problems with the cold temperature of Cusco and its surroundings.

Our Trekking Poles

We provide you with Quechua walking sticks. They will help you a lot when you go downhill, especially on day 3 of the Inca Trail.